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Sabores Extremeños, S.L. is a family -owned company, founded in 1972, dedicated entirely to the manufacture and distribution of liquor and spirits. From our facilities, located in the heart of Extremadura, we try to convey through our products, the welfare and happiness of our land.

Committed to quality and innovation, we have highly qualified staff that daily improve the production process, such as refining and expanding our range of liquors.

Sabores Extremeños has a facility area of 1600, completely modernized in 2010, particularly the production hall, which features the latest technology in filling and capping machine, as well as a descaling and chlorination water treatment unit.

Production and Storage

Our average annual production estimates approximately 800.000 bottles, among creams alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquors, all in bottles of 700, 500 and 100 cc, being exclusive our bottle of 700 cl. All our products are elaborated with high quality raw materials. Alcohols, sugars and extracts are only purchased from companies that guarantee their purity. The water is treated at the factory against lime and chlorine to ensure it is completely colorless, odorless and tasteless.

Special care is taken with the process of bottling, capping, labeling and boxed. For this we have the best machine available in the Spanish market for each of these procedures.
We have a special program for traceability, both front and back, as a guarantee of quality before, during and after the manufacturing process, packaging and shipping.


By resolution of Trade and Agrarian Industry Department of Extremadura´s Board, Sabores Extremeños was awarded the distinctive use of Extremadura Food Quality Mark in August 1991, becoming the first liquor manufacturer obtaining this award. Among its awards, is the Gold Medal for Quality and Innovation of Licor de Bellota "Beso Extremeño", obtained in May 1997 at the Food Fair in Madrid.

All brands under which our products are distributed, are registered with the national patent office and brand, both in class 33 (alcoholic drink) and Class 32 (soft drink).

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Apdo. Correos 86
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Phone: (924) 67 01 60 - 67 01 61

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